Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling explores the overall health of a relationship.  Arguing all the time? Emotional distance? Loss of intimacy? Sexually unsatisfied? Infidelity? These are some of the many issues that lead a couple to seek help.  We can work together to understand the root of the issues, and then develop skills and knowledge that enhance overall satisfaction and mutual growth.

  • Communication – hear and be heard
  • Sexual Issues – performance, insecurities, comfort, communication
  • Infidelity Recovery – processing pain, re-establishing trust
  • Mixed Orientation Marriages – options and acceptance

When a couple seeks help, the emotions are usually running high and the work can be challenging.  My approach asks a couple to work as a team on the relationship and not to assign blame or decide who is wrong or right.  There are no “one size fits all” answers.  Developing healthy communication skills and boundaries are essential foundations to facing the issues at hand together rather than as adversaries.

I work with both straight and same-sex couples.  Gay and lesbian couples will find a practice with expertise and savvy about the unique dynamics that may be involved.

Mixed Orientation Marriages

It is not unusual for a person to understand and accept their sexual identity later in life – often after being in a heterosexual relationship or marriage.  For a spouse who comes to terms with being gay or bisexual, that reality is terrifying for many reasons and often leads to depression, anxiety, and a sense of hopelessness.  When a couple finds themselves in this situation, it may feel like Armageddon. Professional help can be critical to help the individuals and the couple chart what the future will bring.   I have expertise in what are called “mixed-orientation” marriages.  The work involved takes courage and honesty with self and spouse.  I join the individual or couple where they are with no pre-determined answers.  If you are in this situation, I urge you to reach out for help.  You are not the first and you are not alone.